Wireless Charger Pad


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Place your phone on this powerful and reliable wireless charger pad and manage your phone’s power levels like a pro!

  • Compatible with 5W 7.5W and 10W
  • Large contact area, more convenient
  • Slim body, Qi certificated, fast 10w charging

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Exceptional Build

Pivoi Wireless Charger Pads are slim, sturdy round discs made from high-grade silicone material. This material holds and supports the phone to keep it in place and prevents shock absorption and increases friction to protect the phone from slipping and falling down. .

Lighting Fast Charging

These pads are equipped with Qi Technology that provides quick charging, compatible with any wireless smartphone. You can also simultaneously use your phone while it is charging, in portrait or landscape mode. Keep up to date with calls, notifications and Emails, or indulge in any fun activity while phone charges.

LED light

The wireless pads come with LED lights instigated that informs you if the phone is charging appropriately, or not. Instead of depending on the charging sign of the phone, or remaining oblivious, you will now always know if your phone is charging smoothly.

Security Mechanisms

The Pivoi Wireless Charger Pads are equipped with great safety features. It prevents overheating and Input overvoltage while charging. The Charger Pad automatically disconnects the power if any foreign material or metals are found while charging. All of these features keep your device safe.


Fast Charging pad with the advanced Qi Technology.

Compatible with most smartphones.

Sophisticated looks.

Silicone outer layer for higher friction and shockproof.

LED light indication.

High temperature, overvoltage protection.

Additional information

Weight 4.2 oz
Dimensions 4.4 × 1 × 6.95 in


Device Compatibility

All QI enabled devices.

Output Current

5V/2A, 9V/1.67A

Maximum Wattage


LED Indicator



1 × 1M Micro USB cable.


Slim body, Qi-certified, Foreign matter detection function.


12 Months


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Wireless Charger Pad

Wireless Charger Pad